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Security Expertise

G2G provides world class security solutions for businesses, schools and churches and many other institutions that face day to day vulnerabilities and threats. Below is a list of our basic services that can be custom designed to fit your individual needs.
Exemplary Services


- Security Assessments/Vulnerability Studies

- Workplace Violence Education/Training

- Security Prevention & Awareness

- Executive Protection

- Business attired/Covert armed security

- Customized Financial Audits

Our Commitment


Create policies, procedures, and training programs to coordinate an emergency response for an active shooter, disturbances, evacuation, and natural disasters.

Coordinate/facilitate a collaborative response from law enforcement and other agencies to address a violent incident or natural disaster.

Customized Approach

- Identify security needs

- Complete assessment

- Make recommendations

- Provide solutions

We Deliver Strategy & Organization 

We will also act as a consultant to provide security recommendations/precautions to eliminate threats, violent acts, and better protect your property. We will train and provide policies, procedures, and equipment to address these threats. We desire to utilize what has been amassed through 55 years of experience and training in law enforcement and community service to keep our churches, schools, businesses, and community safer.

Work Place Violence - FACT
Violence in America is now invading the workplace; putting at risk the safety, security, productivity, and health of American workers. This violence appears to be increasing. According to the latest Bureau of Justice annual crime survey, nearly 1 million individuals become victims of violent crime in the workplace.

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